Question about Follistim


i have a question,this will be my 2nd round with Follistim,i got pregnant right away with it and now my child is 2 years old :),i recently have been trying again,this new doctor i have been seeing wants me to come in on cycle date 11 to start follistim,i find this really odd because all the other girls started on day 3 or 4…,anyone else in the same boat as i am? I’m really confused! any help would be greatly appreciated!!! im thinking maybe she’s just wrong?..,my doctor is very forgetful so this round of trying to get pregnant has been a nightmare!! :af:


Yeah I can’t say I have seen it ever started that late in the cycle. Maybe he/she saw something in your blood work that had them go this route, but I would certainly be questioning it too. Seems strange! I always started mine early in the cycle unless I took clomid first, but even them I started the follistim on CD 9 after stopping the clomid so still before CD 11.


thanks for the replies!,the nurse keeps telling me to call as soon as i start my period, so she definitely means CD11 once it starts,but im going to be sneaky and make an appointment for day 3 or 4. i wish i was still in okinawa japan trying to get pregnant again,they are awesome out there! it was definitely a blessing to have a doctor who knew what he was doing and did it fast! i felt like i got pregnant SO fast!,this time im dealing with a doctor who has way to many people to see and and doesn’t even look into my file when she sees me! very stressful!


I started Follistim on day 2 at 75 units after a few days he put the dose to 100 units after my follicle was at 20 he asked to trigger (Ovidrel). I am currently at the 2WW.:pray:


Cycle day 11 seems late. Could you press the nurse to get an answer from your doctor?

If there is a reason for the late start, ok. But if its a mix up you don’t want to waste time, energy and money…