Question About Gestational Sac Size


I had my first ultrasound this morning. Today I am 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant. My appointment this morning was with my OB. It was a surprise ultrasound. She said everything looks good for where we are. However, I am feeling worried. This picture she gave me shows that the sac measured at 5.5mm. Does that seem correct? It seems a little small, but I don’t know much about this part as I have never made it this far. What were your sizes at certain times?



I’ve never had one that early. But if your ob said its where it should be for that age then be grateful. I’ve always gotten them at 7 weeks and it seems like the sac was for or 4 times of baby and baby was about 1mm so that would seem about right. Best of luck! Keep us updated. :grouphug:


At my first ultrasound (a little over 5 weeks, I can’t remember) one sac measured 5.98 and the other one wasn’t even visible. During that ultrasound they said that they’re not overly concerned if they don’t even see a sac, they were just looking for thickened uterine lining, so I think that size is fine. We didn’t even see two sacs until my 6 week ultrasound.


This link might help you