Question about OPK after IUI and nausea


Happy Thanksgiving all. Hope it was a good day. I have a couple of questions and I know they probably been answered previously but I don’t feel well enough to look so if you could please help me out.

  1. I don’t know why but I was curious to see if the OPK still came up positive so I took one after the IUI. This will be the 3rd day its positive. I took clomid and the ovidrel trigger shot so my question is: Is it normal for it to be showing up positive this long. I also do the clear blue easy fertility monitor and it no longer showed I am at peak anymore just a high fertility day. So is the OPK reading positive because of the ovidrel in my system?

  2. I woke up this morning nauseous. I tried to tell myself it is all in my head but here it is at 9:00 P.M. and I have been nauseous for the past 30 mins again. Is this a sign of ovulation. I only ovulated twice on my own in my life and never felt like this. Is this also a result of the ovidrel?


I didn’t take ovidrel, but I had positive opks for three days…i did my iui on the second day so I’m worrying that it was too early


Nope Ovidrel was on 11/22 so 3 days ago. So this is normal? Ok I thought maybe I didn’t ovulate.


Thanks essemkay I am leaving all testing alone for now.