Question about OPK


I am going natural this month and presently doing OPK (ClearBlue Digital). The question that I have is…should I be taking a test a couple times a day or just once a day?? The box said to take it once a day at the same time everyday but I’ve read where ladies on here have taken 2 or 3 a day. I’ve never used these and I’m not real sure about them.


Last month I started on day 12 once a day in the morning. On day 14, I did one in the evening as well. It picked up surge on day 15 am test.


I have always done them once per day in the morning around 9am.


When i first started them i was doing them once a day. But after almost missing my surge a few times, i started testing 2-3 times a day.


On the ovulation testing I do my 3 x a day.

Some people only test one time a day but if want to catch your LH Surge early enough too be able to start BD I would test 3 x a day. I always test 3 x a day as I want to make 100% sure to catch my surge. I also use 3 different types of Ovulation test.

Good Luck on what you decided. On my ovulation test I use the cheap ones of the morning then at noon use the clear blue smilie face one then I use my price feritly montior in the evening.


I only do the digital ones in the morning…just make sure you do them late enough in the morning. I found out that 4:30 AM is too early as my digital was negative then but positive when I tested again a few hours later. Because I’m a planner, I also use the two line (non-digital) tests in the mornings and evenings starting around CD11 since I kind of have a pattern where those tests will usually start getting darker and look almost positive the night before my digital +…it’s kind of my way of knowing when my LH levels are on the rise so I can expect my surge the next morning. Since I had that almost positive pattern the night before my negative at 4:30 AM, I was inclined to double-check later in the morning. That’s why I think it can be useful to test more than once a day, but not absolutely necessary.


Thank you, ladies!! I appreciate all your comments and I will keep them in mind. :thankyou: