Question about Ovulation Test Sticks


I am brand new to tracking ovulation and feel like a fish out of water sometimes. I need a bit of help differentiating between what is ovulating and what isn’t when looking at the test strips.

Are we allowed to post test stick pictures? I’m new to the forums, as well, and wanted to make sure.

If we are allowed, I’d like to post a picture and get some of you who know more than I do to tell me what these results mean.


Is the 2nd line as dark or darker than the test line? That’s when the OPK’s are positive. I know when I personally used them I rarely had the 2nd line as dark as the test line, but I was monitored at my RE’s office, so I could confirm which OPK’s coincided with my ovulation. Usually the day I got a positive the 2nd line was just barely lighter than the test line.


Thanks for the reply!

This is how the tests came out: Link

The last test was cycle day 19. Today I took a test stick, and there was NO line on the left. I’m not sure if this means ovulation happened last night or didn’t happen at all…


[FONT=‘Segoe UI Mono’][SIZE=3]My opinion is [B]positive[/B] but I could totally be wrong. If there is a next time, get the tests that have the smiley faces. It makes it so much easier. But in the meantime I say it’s a [B]positive OPK.[/B][/SIZE][/FONT]


Thank you so much, and yes, I think I’ll try for the smilie face tests next time. :smiley: