Question about successful IUI after successful IVF?


Hello everyone,

My question is has anyone here (or someone you know) conceived with an IUI after a successful IFV? We thought maybe b/c we were successful with the first IVF it was worth a shot to see if the Femara might give us a better result a pose to the colmid.

Odds were against us for the first IVF but we were blessed and now have a DD :slight_smile: I am currently on a TWW after this recent IUI as you can see by my sig.


That is sorta my story. I was planning on doing an iui with injections and made too many eggs so we went for an IVF. Nope, it did not work. I was getting ready to do another full on IVF but I decided to do a month on just Femara first and here I am 34 weeks. It is possible FOR SURE. Just gotta find that right combination of sperm and egg and make sure timing is right. Lots of laughing in 2ww too!!! Big massive piles of positive to you!!!


CONGRATS on your pregnancy!!! You must be over the moon :slight_smile: I am very happy for you - it will not be long till you get to meet your little bean.

Thank you so much for your reply… It helps to know someone else was in this position and had success. I have looked everywhere to see if anyone had this experience to no avail. I am impatient but also very grateful.