Question about trigger shot


Ok, I am a scatter brain. I was at the Dr. and she gave me all of my paper work.

Labs cycle day 2-3

Clomid 50mg cycle days 3-7

And Novarel 10,000 (trigger shot)

The Dr. mentioned an US but I don’t know when that is either.

The problem is that I don’t know when to take the trigger shot?

We are also using DS for IUI.

I feel silly calling and asking her to tell me everything again.


you won’t do the trigger until you know you response to the clomid, and that’s what the u/s is for. some RE’s have you come in around CD9-13 after you’ve taken clomid to observe your response to it. you may need to go in more than once. others will have you use OPKs to determine whehter you are near ovulation, then call you in. call your doc’s office back to check what they want you to do.