Question about when to start estrogen priming protocol


Hi everyone,
Anyone use an estrogen priming protocol? If so, what day did you start estrogen?
I went for a consult to a new clinic and the RE wants to use an EPP to prevent lead follicles. Sounded good to me–I’ve done it in previous cycles with a different RE. I swear he said I’d start on estrogen a week after my LH surge, which is when I started it in the past. I emailed the nurse coordinator today when I got my LH surge and she said to start 4 mg estrogen daily today. I told her I thought it was next week and asked if she could confirm with the doctor. She was certain it was today but she said (rather unconvincingly) that she’d ask the doctor. I am yet to hear back.
Anyone start at the LH surge? Seems too early…


HopefulInLA -

I just did a cycle at CCRM and was very active on the CCRM girls board. I think you should post this question over there and ask for feedback. CCRM uses estrogen priming often , although the start date can vary depending on the specific IVF protocol the patient is using.

For me I was priming with estrogen, testosterone and prometrium prior to IVF stims and I began 2mg of estrogen on cycle day 3. But my protocol was very different than what you are doing i’m guessing. GL!

here is a link to the CCRM girls page…


i am starting EPP at cornell- we do the patch a week after the LH surge BUT i know that there are other protocols with estrace orally after LH so i think you are in good company,


I started at the LH surge… I was supposed to stop after I started stims, too, but then I got confused and stayed on them until day 7. My RE said it wasn’t going to affect the cycle at all and some RE’s keep patients on them all the way through stimming. E2 is in your body naturally in varying levels so it’s not like you’re introducing something new. Best of luck!


I just started the EPP protocol and started the patch on day 23 of my cycle and I have to add in ganirelex on days 24-27. I have been looking on line and it does seem like every dr. has their own variation.