Question for ladies with ovulatory issues


Hi! Before I ask my question just want to give a little background: dh’s SA came back normal, my saline sonohysterogram came back normal, just not ovulating regularly on my own. In the year between going off of birth control pills and and starting with RE, my cycles ranged from 28 to 35 to even 50 days. Very variable. Plus, when I would use opk’s, I would get positives but then not ever actually ovulate (doctor said this happened because I would start to surge and body would gear up for ovulation but then fail to reach the acutal point of ovulation). I remember having regular cycles before birth control, so doctor attributes this ovulation issue to the birth control.

Anyone else have similar experiences to these? Just curious about what other ladies with irregular ovulation are going through (what treatments they have pursued, or are pursuing, and for how long). I would love to hear your story and experiences! I would also love to hear from anyone who has had success with similar backgrounds!

I just finished my second round of follistim injections/iui and got :bfn: . Previous to that, I tried clomid with TI with no success. Looking for some hope or at least some company!


I know exactly how you feel! I had been on BCP for 12 years before deciding to get off them to start TTC. That was April 2012 and I never got a period again-AT ALL! I had an HSG in November 2012 which came back clear and all my ultrasounds and bloodwork seem normal. I was told I have PCOS, although I don’t have any symptoms other than anovulation. I truly believe it was due to my body being on the pill for so long that my body can’t have a “natural cycle”. It’s so frustrating but hopefully we will both be saying “It was all worth it”-soon! :bsv:


Thanks for the response! It’s nice to hear from someone in a similar situation. It is so frustrating to know that BCP’s have affected our ability to have children. Ever since I got married 3 years ago, my mom always told me to go off of BCP right away. She was convinced that they were going to affect my chances of getting pregnant. I didn’t listen to her because my OBGYN always said that they didn’t have any effect on that whatsoever. Well she was wrong, and of course, my mom was right (as she always is). I should have listened to her because this journey is taking much longer than I ever thought it would! How far along are you in your injectibles cycle? I am 8dpiui on my third injectible cycle. :pray: this is it for both of us!


I agree-I wish I stopped the pill a long time ago! I think our bodies get so dependent on the synthetic hormones that it makes some of us hard to regulate after them. I was on 12 days of Follistim (my follicles took forever to grow!) and I have 1-16mm 2-15mm 3-14mm 3-13mm and my RE told me to take my trigger Sunday night and my IUI will be tomorrow morning. I think she was nervous the other follies would catch up and we would have to cancel so she had me trigger before they reached 18 but I just hope they’re big enough. She thinks I’ll have 3 “good eggs” by my IUI.
Do you know when your IUI will be yet?
:babydust: for us!


sorry i thought you said you were on your 8th day of meds but just noticed 8dpiui!-my early morning monitoring is getting to me lol!
I hope this is your :bfp:! keep me posted!


I hope your iui went well today! You had a lot of good sized follies! :pray: for :bfp: 's for us both!