Question for those who experienced the 2ww


Making a long story short…I just had my ET on 10/29 and did the bed rest thing all day that day. Today, It’s been more couch rest, but one of my dogs was going to escape outside and I had to run down stairs to get her. Did I totally screw things up? Any advice would help. Thanks.


No, don’t worry about it. My RE always says, once they’re there, they’re there. There is nothing you can do to hurt them. In my practice they don’t even tell you to stay off your feet the next day, every practice is different, but there is no scientific evidence that you have to change your life after ET. The only thing that you should do is overheat yourslef in a bathtub, that’s not great for embies. Otherwise, enjoy being PUPO.


I second that. There has been no proof that bedrest increases chances of success. On average the day of transfer is the most important so your body can fully relax. I laid in bed all day 1 and day 2 I migrated to and from the couch and in general all over my house. Don’t worry you did not harm your chances, just take it easy and don’t lift anything ! Good luck ;0)


Thanks you two for the reply…I’m not giving up hope! Good luck to you both too!