Question on blood clot after m/c (tmi)


Hello ladies,
So about 2weeks ago I had had a m/c at about 4-5 weeks pg. I had started bleeding light with moderate cramping and went in for a sono. They saw the sac yolk and early signs of a fetal pole. After that day the cramps stopped and so did the bleeding (just a little brown staining) for another day. I had gone back a week later for another u/s and they saw nothing. No sac, nothing. I never had heavy bleeding or bad cramping or any clots passed but my beta had dropped to 6 so definitely miscarried just not sure when. So I am about 2 weeks from that last sono and have gotten my period and my cramps are so bad and this morning I passed a big clot. Tmi alert: it was kind of opaque looking and very tacky like. With tissue paper I tried to pull it apart and it would just stretch out. Sorry for the info but I’m curious to know if this sounds like anything anyone else has had and what is it? Could I just be passing the sac and stuff now even if it wasn’t seen on the u/s 2weeks ago? Someone had said it could be my body shedding my lining. I’m just confused bc of the lack of symptoms during my m/c. Any help would be appreciated. I did take a picture but didn’t want to post it in case it was to graphic.


I think it could be anything. I had a MC with a D&C last year, and I passed some large clots, about the size of a plum, after that. They were definitely clumpy and opaque, like fruit preserves (sticking with the plum analogy, I guess.) I know that they were just old blood, since I had been cleaned out with the D&C. I had an US afterward to check for retained tissue, and my betas did go down smoothly, so I think all the tissue was out, and I had it tested so I know that they did also get the embryonic tissue. I agree that it probably was blood and/or lining. Also, at that point, the sac is just a few mm long, maybe grain of rice sized, so it would be hard to spot.

So sorry that you are going through this, especially with no signs that it was going on. I had two losses last year and now have a beautiful little girl, so stay strong.