Question regarding Amniocentesis


Hello Ladies

First of all Congrats to everyone who made it here. It is not an easy task.

I have a question regarding Amniocentesis.

I am currently 20 weeks Pregnant after a FET transfer from a PGD embryo. As I was approaching 11 weeks my OB office told me that I have a choice between NT test or Verifi and I can’t do both.

Based on the Conversation with the Genetic Councellor I chose Verifi as she told me those results were more reliable. My Verifi tests came back Negative for Sex Related Chromosomes,Downs, Trisomy 18 and 13.

Then on March 27th 2013, I had my US Level 2 and everything came back normal. Niether my OB or Genetic Councellor did not suggest any further tests. However, I am feeling nervous and concerned that I didnt do the NT test. Am I missing any tests here? I am really worried as this baby is result of three years struggle and didnt want to miss anything.

I wanted to do Amniocentesis but at the same time I am scared of the possiblity of miscarriage.

Please share with me your experiences.
Sometimes I feel that I am freaking out for nothing… :frowning:


I think after going through all we go through to get pregnant it’s so easy to worry about things going wrong. I did not do any testing but wanted to share with you what I went through while pregnant so you know you’re not alone.

We decided against testing as with twins the NT test isn’t reliable and we didn’t want to risk a miscarriage with an amnio (plus we didn’t have any risk factors, I was 31, and we probably wouldn’t have done anything if it did come back positive). At my 12 week ultrasound I still watched them when they got the their necks to try to see how much space there was. I OBSESSED over the pics, convinced that the measurement of Baby A’s space was really big. I totally had myself convinced she had downs based on this. I obsessed over it for WEEKS. It seriously consumed my thoughts. To make this slightly shorter, she was fine, but now that they’re here I find other things to worry about, and I sometimes feel like it’s part of what we went through to worry or believe that we can’t FINALLY be having that baby we’ve wanted for so long.

I think you’ve done everything you can to make sure you’re baby will be healthy. I know it’s hard but please try to sit back, relax and enjoy this time. I really wish I had spent less time worrying and more time enjoying my pregnancy. Best of luck with whatever you decide.


All the NT does is look at one physical sign, called a “soft marker,” that indicates the possible presence of an abnormality. Doctors typically look for a constellation of markers before they become concerned. If you had only had the NT, and it came up positive, all it would mean is that the doctors would go on to recommend further, more invasive testing.

For instance, a soft marker they can see later when the feet are more developed is called a “sandal gap,” which is where there’s an unusually big gap between the big toe and the second toe, like how your toes are when you wear flip flops. Both my DH and my DD have this, and even though it’s technically a deformity, it’s by no means a strong indication by itself.

Ultimately, I’d say that not only are you not missing anything by going with the Verifi instead of the NT, but if you now went back and had the NT and it came up positive, they’d throw out the results because the Verifi results were negative and they’re more reliable. This is something you can totally forget about. :.)


Thanks Ladies

Thanks a lot JediBonas & Kashiruvana. I honestly feel your replies put my mind at ease. I have decided not to do Amnio.
Your replies mean a lot to me and thanks to you both again.

Kashiruvana: Good Luck for your upcoming cycle.


I had the verifi test as well as the NT as my Doc only uses the info of them in conjunction with one another. My results came back great and despite this they still offered the amnio which honestly made no sense to me since the verifi itself is like 98% accurate at predicting downs syndrome and like 68% for the trisomies which I was happy with personally. I don’t need to add the extra risk of the amnio to what very well is a perfectly normal healthy baby/pregnancy. Just isn’t worth it to me. Especially since there is nothing they can do about it anyway and we would not elect to terminate due to a negative result. The only plus is knowing for sure one way or the other, but to me there wasn’t enough evidence that it was there to begin with after the verifi results to warrant the extra risk of the amnio or CVS.

I would not second guess your decision for the verifi. You had good results on that and coupled with good results from your level 2 scan I don’t personally think that any further more invasive tests are warranted .