Question regarding testing after trigger shot


Hello, We have been trying to conceive for 1 1/2 years. We have been through clomid, femera, and repronex injectables with IUI… I got the trigger shot on friday the 16th at 7 a.m. I tested on 8 dpo and it was positive I took it at night so I know it could of been affected… I tested again 9 dpo in the morining and got a clear positive… I tested again this morning and again positive a little darker then yesterday… If it was residual from the trigger it would be getting lighter not staying the same or darker right? I called the dr. they said to wait till thursday… I am completely freaking out… Thank you to all that replies…


Good Luck!

Oh I hope it stays positive for you!!! You wont know for sure until Thursday so hang in there. :grouphug: Hugs and :pray: sent your way!


Don’t put too much stock in the darkness or lightness of the line on the HPT. They’re really not produced to be that accurate, so even if you knew you were pregnant, if you kept testing, you might see the lines get darker and lighter as the days went by. Since I know some women around here have had their trigger-based positives overlap with actual pregnancy-based positives, probably the only thing for you to do is get your blood work done tomorrow. 9 and 10 dpo is really early still, so even if it’s because of the trigger, it doesn’t mean that you’re not pregnant–just that it may not have produced enough HCG to show a positive on its own yet. But if you are, it will! Best of luck tomorrow! :cross: