Question related to timing of injection shots


Hello ladies

Pretty new on this forum. I’m not very active 'coz I find it hard to keep track of the threads I post on…but I do read a lot of what you all have to say and it’s of great help! So thank you all very much.

I was wondering how important it is to take the shots at exactly the same time everyday? Is it okay to take it one hr earlier or later than a decided time…that is if I decide 6:30, is it ok to take the shot anytime in the window 6 to 7?


I hope you get some answers here, but I would also try reposting on the subforum under Infertility Treatments - there is a whole subboard for IVF. GL to you hon!


Ocwife2010: thank you. I posted the Q at the link u gave me. But I don’t get the difference btw here and tht link?


My RE told me to try to take it ABOUT the same time each day, so I think you are alright with your one hour window.

I always did mine between 4:30 and 5:30pm and my follies developed just fine.

Hope this helped.

good luck, I talk to my RE again on the 11th to see whats next for me and my hubby. Hoping this next round is succes.

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