I am sorry I don’t know all the abbreviations for everything.
This is what the schedule of my first cycle was:
I started my period on Nov. 6th
Started BC on Nov. 7th
Stoped BC on Nov. 22nd
Started Folistim shots on Nov. 25th
Stoped Folistim on Dec. 4th
US on Dec. 5th and cycle was cancelled.

This is what my 2nd cycle is looking like.
They put me on BC on Dec 5th
I stop my BC on Jan. 2nd
I start shots again Jan. 6th
Hopefully Ovualte on Jan. 16th

My question is about this cycle seems so long than the last one. Is being on BC going to make it harder for me to get pregnant? I am trying really hard to accept the fact that the doctors know what they are doing but its hard. I feel that they are setting me for failure because they are putting me on the same shot schedule before and it had to be cancelled. I dont understand why they cant start things sooner so at the end its not over a weekend. I am just stressed and I don’t want to have another cancelled cycle.

I hope that this all makes since to you. If anyone can give me some input that this is normal or its not I would greatly appreciate it. I appreciate this group so much. You are GREAT!!!



Why are they putting you on birth control? Do you have cysts? I know you just overstimmed, but why were you on it the first time?
Also, How often are they monitoring you while you’re taking the follistim?


BCP also helps your RE regulate/change your natural cycle. They can change it to cycle a group of ladies together. It also helps prevent cysts. If you overstimmed, the problem is not the protocol, in fact it worked too well. They can keep the protocol the same, but reduce the dose of meds to achieve a better, more desirable response.


I don’t have cysts…thank goodness :slight_smile: I know that they want me on a cycle that everyone is on but I am just worried that I will be on BC for so long. I am also nervous because I won’t have a period now. They are putting me on 150 vs the 225 that I was on.


The BCP won’t prevent you from getting pregnant the way they use them. I was on BCP in between every cycle because I always developed cysts. Why do you say you won’t have a period? I’m not a doctor, of course, so I don’t know anything about the various types of treatment regimens, but it’s interesting because I haven’t heard of anybody starting shots when it’s not around the 3-5 day of their cycle, meaning they had to have a period in between. If you’re not having periods, you’ll definitely want to ask your doctor about that.
It can often take one or two cycles for your body to “settle down” in its reaction to a specific medication, and every cycle is slightly different, so your doses may change. Definitely, just because you had to cancel last cycle doesn’t mean the same course of treatment will make you cancel this cycle. They’ll be monitoring you closely and changing your doses; they don’t want you to have to cancel either! :.)
I would encourage you to call your doctor’s office and ask all these questions because it’s important during IF treatment to feel like you understand what’s going on. It’ll help you stay relaxed and feel good about your treatment if it doesn’t just seem like something the doctor’s doing to you, but rather something that you and the doctor are working on together. Best of luck!


Kashiruvana- thank you for your input. I am going to call them and talk to them. I am having a very hard time not stressing about this next cycle. I feel that they are putting me on the same days as last time and I am just so scared of not going on the way this time. I just need to understand why they do things the way they do.


Anna-I had a friend donate eggs for me but she was on bcp which they had her stop on a sunday and start stims on that thursday. Thats how they times it. She never had a period. They said she might or might not have one but either way it wouldnt change anything. Its just how they do it. But definately call your clinic. Most have at least one nurse whos job is to educate you and answer your questions.