Questions about Cornell and an RE suggestion for DOR?


Hi Ladies,

I know Dr. Davis is the man to see at Cornell for high FSH and DOR, but after talking to the office my concern is that he’s not with any insurance co. I’m OK with the steep consult fee, but because I’m prone to uterine polyps I know I’ll require another in-office sono to check for them prior to the cycle. And if polyps are discovered, I’ll require another hysteroscopic polypectomy which at my current/old REs was performed under GA in a hospital. I’m very concerned about paying OOP for this, even if the procedure in the hospital (probably not the sono!) can be reimbursed minus his fee. I had inquired if another RE could perform the test and procedure, but I was told that my physician would need to do it. Just feeling overwhelmed with the unknown costs possibly coming down the line! Anyone have info about how in-office diagnostic tests and/or hospital surgeries were handled with insurance/OOP with Dr. Davis?

Also, I’m interested in possibly a low-stim approach (if it’s a good option with my stats), which I heard Dr. Davis has been doing lately with some patients successfully. Who else there would be open to that do you think?

In addition, I also think co-culture might be beneficial to me, so that’s another reason why I’m looking into Cornell. Plus the fact they have a satellite office for monitorings which is easier for me to get to.

Thank you!