Questions About LP


Do luetal phases fluctuate very much and if so by how much? I usually have a 16 day LP and today is day 18. Curious if this is a sign of :preg:


Mine is always 14 days. It has never changed even though i started infertility treatments. The only way you would think it changed is ovulation is off. but when you trigger you know that isn’t a option. I would say its time to test. :cross:


:babydust: oooo amy! i hope it’s a sign for you!

mine does fluctuate by a couple of days. it is somewhere between 13-15. to determine i’m "late’ i always just go by the longest one (15), so if I get to 16, I consider myself “late.”



Mine doesn’t vary much but last month my usual 14 day LP went to 11 for some reason. I think that cycle was just off because I also O’d a day early. I would say it’s a sign of pregnancy, especially if you triggered.