Questions about Lupron


My RE is changing my protocol next cycle and and is prescribing bc pills, Lupron then my ususal combo of bravelle/menopur. I know I’ve read some bad things about Lupron on this site. Can anybody give me any feedback on your experience? And if there are alternate drugs that do the same thing… any comments would be greatly appreciated!!


I’m not sure about Lupron since I was prescribed Ganirelix (we must be on opposite protocols). You might have better luck asking in the IVF forum. :slight_smile:


I am 5 days in on my 2nd IVF cycle (5 days into stims that is). First IVF cycle transferred 2 embryos, but neither lasted. I was told that Lupron over suppressed my ovaries so much that they couldn’t catch up once the stims started. Ask your doctor why he/she is switching you to Lupron. It works different for everyone so there could be a good reason… It just didn’t work for me… Fingers crossed on this next cycle, I go in today for my first check to see how I’m doing on the stims. :slight_smile: