Questions about progesterone


So I finally ovulated on Thanksgiving day, which I am really not sure what CD I am on because of the d&c. The way I am doing it is counting CD1 as day of d&c and if that is the case of how my body is working then I ovulated on CD 17. Anyway we :dance:on Thursday and we are going to again today just to give it a better chance. What I am wondering is because I know that my progesterone wasn’t high enough 1 week after our IUI and the month prior to the IUI, do you think it would be a good idea for me to take the Progesterone suppositories now just to give my body a boost? I still have quite a bit left plus a refill. Any advice is much needed and appreciated.


I think you should take the supplements. You should also call your dr to see if they can screen your progestrone level tomorrow to confirm you did ovulate. I think the eariler you start the supplements the better chance you’ll have.

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I agree I would call a nurse and tell her you have extra and ask if you can use it!! I ovulated on sat nov. 27th so we are in the two week wait together! its so hellish these two weeks!!

I havent had any signs of low progesterone but i do have progesterone oil and syringes leftover I was also curious about taking them just to help out.

Are u planning on poas and if you are when?

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