Questions about supplements


Three questions:

  1. Does anyone have recommendations for supplements for low sperm count and/or sluggish sperm? Or vitamins? (I’m not sure I can convince my husband to take anything, but we’ll see . . . .)

  2. Has anyone taken Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)? Anything to say about it?

  3. Has anyone heard about DHEA and whether it helps women that do not have poor ovarian reserve?


Hi i took Coenzyme Q10 in my unsuccessful cycle 6 months ago. I didn’t take it in my successful cycle this time.

Re: dhea, I have been on that for a few cycles and the longest period was this ivf cycle which was successful. My ivf dr stated due to my age I needed it.

I am not a detail person so unfortunately I dont know what exactly each drug does. I do know that my naturopath prescribed a naturopathic version of dhea (dhea x 6 it’s called) and I now know has no connection or resemblance with dhea my dr prescribed.


Check out Theralogix

They are the best and have great vitamins for fertility you can also call customer service to see what other vitamins you can combine with theirs.

It worked for my husband. He took it for couple of moths and his counts and motility went from sub-fertile to normal

Good luck with your journey!


FertilAid Fertility Supplements for Women & Men

Fertilaid plus the countboost and motility Vitamins will help. Any vitamin taken needs to be taken 3 months to see any results. Has he seen a urologist that specializes in male infertility? That’d be the first stop if not. My husband had low t which caused his sperm issues. He was given clomid and took vitamins and his sperm went from 900K total count to 87 million per ml in 3 months.


I would definitely recommend coQ10 for you. I haven’t heard it used for MF, but I’m not familiar w/ vitamins for MF. I’ve had 3 different RE’s recommend CoQ10. 200 mg 3 times per day. I’ve never had any side effects from it. I would use for at least 3 months before a cycle and my current RE had me use it while stimming. I took coq10 when trying to conceive my first child and got lucky the first IUI cycle after I had taken them 3 months. I have been taking lower doses while pregnant and after he was born (200 mg per day) and then ramped up again before this last IVF.

As for dhea, my current RE had me take it while stimming (25 mg 3x per day) but I haven’t used it otherwise. If you search, I’m sure you will find more discussion. I’ve heard it’s not good to take if you are PCOS. Also, it can have side effects that just vary by the person. From acne, hair falling out, not sleeping, to angry rages. But some people don’t notice anything. I wasn’t on it long but I noticed very greasy skin.


I am convinced DHEA made all the difference for me with age being a factor, and my AMH being 0.16! The studies are compelling. My doctor had me start taking 75 mg as soon as our first consultation. I had been on it for almost four months before I got my :bfp: my side effects were mild. Just a bit of a breakout on my face, but nothing makeup can’t hide. :wink: In my opinion, all worth the prize.

Ask your doc about it.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) supplementation in diminished ovarian reserve (DOR)