Questions to ask RE's during IVF consult


On Wednesday afternoon DH and I are going to a consult with a new RE to discuss IVF. Not only is this the first time going to the RE but it’s also our first time talking about IVF. I’m curious if you have any advice before going into this appointment. Also, do you have any suggestions for questions to ask while I’m there.


There are no real questions that i could suggest, they will come after you get all the information. My wifes doc recommends acupunture and will allow her acupuncturist to give her treatments the day of the transfer at the ivf clinic so if your interested in acupuncture you could ask your doc about that, be prepared he will not support acupuncture since theres not scientific evidence it works but since our doc and another couple we kow used it during their ivf cycle that resulted in a pregnancy *i really recommend it. My wife has been going for 6 months now.

Make sure you know of all the costs up front and plan for added expenses incase you are a slower responder during stimulation. We luckily have insurance thats covering our cost but i see those costs and they are up there.

Just A little advice, take your time and dont rush into your ivf cycle. If you feel like you are not fully prepared put of the cycle for one month. Spend some time to prep your body, cut out caffeine, start walking a little, start a vitamin regime, find was to manage your stress, acupuncture/messages or both, start herbs that promote fertility…my wife gets these from her acupuncturist.

We have Not had a pregnancy yet but this will be our second cycle and we are much more aware of how to approach things now. If you have any questions feel free to email me [email protected]

good luck


Just wanted to drop in and wish you luck on your first IVF cycle. Congrats on your two little miracles!

I would ask how he plans on treating your specific problems. The blocked tube is not an issue with IVF, but ask how he plans on treating the clotting disorder, will the small ovary be a problem, how hard will he stimuate you, etc. Be comfortable with his “plan” and if you are not, then ask more questions. The great thing is that you know you can have kids, so there is a great chance IVF will be successful for you.

I have a lot of IVF info on my blog if you would like to check it out. Good luck to you!!! If you have any specific questions, I would be glad to help as well.