I went to the Dr. Saturday morning for blood work and ultrasound and was informed that after taking Femera for 7 days that I had a 14mm follicle on the right side and an 11mm one on the left and it looked like I had a couple more growing. I have to go back Wednesday for more blood work and another ultrasound to see where I stand and determine when to take the Ovidrel shots for the planned IUI.

What size do they usually want the follicles to be before taking the trigger shot? I am a little lost in this whole process since this is the first time I have gone through this. Praying for a BFP!!! :pray:


I think they want the follicles to be around 18- at least that’s what it is on Clomid. Might be different for injections. Also on Clomid follicles grow by approximately 2 mm a day (again might be different on injections but I don’t think so).


I believe it varies from RE to RE. Mine ideally wanted to trigger once the largest follicle was around 20-23mm. When I triggered, my largest were 24…

As I understand, the trigger will also cause them to grow a bit more prior to the retrieval…[I](Ladies, correct me if I am wrong)[/I] Again–it varies.

Good luck!


Thanks for the helpful information. I have to return in the morning to have more blood work and another ultrasound and decide when I will take the Ovidrel shot. All of this is kind of foreign to me but I am still hopeful. :pray:


I went back to the doctor today and have been given the instructions to take my Ovidrel shots tonight between 6-8 pm. DH and I have to return Friday morning at 7 am for blood work and specimen collection then will have to be back at 11 am for the IUI. I had two nice sized follicle one was 21mm and the other was 18mm doctor was pleased with outcome since I have been diagnosed with PCOS.

:pray: :cross: