Rasberry leaf tea?


Hi All,

Just checking if anyone is drinking rasberry leaf tea? I know it’s supposed to help “tone” your uterus (whatever that means!) to promote fertility, but also that you shouldn’t take it in the early stages of pregnancy as could increase risk of miscarriage. But now that I finally bought some though, I can’t find where I read all of this, so am wondering how long I should take it for - until I ovulate, until I get a BFP, or??

IF anyone has experience with this, please share.



I am looking for the same answer…


Ha ha, I was hoping you had an answer for me :slight_smile: Oh well, bumping is a good idea.

On a follow up note, I have not been able to find one really authoritative source on when it’s safe and not safe. Books I have say it’s great without going into details, and various internet sites say either its great throughout pregnancy, or say it’s okay while TTC and right before you’re due, but not in between. I read somewhere too that it can lead to spotting in early pregnancy, which I really don’t want to deal with even if it’s benign.

So, my decision has been to take it for the first half of my cycle - day 1 to ovulation and then lay off. I had my IUI today and will be ovulating shortly so today’s my last day until I go for my beta. I do think it’s had an effect though - my lining was really good this month. I checked my u/s results from my Sept IUI to compare, and in Sept on day 12 my lining was 8mm and 11 on day 14, but this month on day 11 it was already 9.5mm, and on day 14 it was 13mm. I think that’s a pretty significant difference. If this IUI does not work, I’ll be doing the tea again next month, and if it does work…we’ll I’ll be picking some up again at the end of the 3rd trimester :slight_smile:


I have a friend that is really into alternative medicine and she informed me that it is safe to take your whole pregnancy. She has had trouble getting pregnant and drinks a cup a day. She is now 6 weeks and has continued to do it. :cross:


I also drank raspberry leaf leaf but I was told not to take it after you ovulate… because of implantation.


I was drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea for my cramps to help ease them. The tea does create tiny contractions in your uterus, which is why they say it “tones” your uterus. From what I could tell, it didn’t really do much for me. I was drinking this tea for about 8 months. I like the taste of it as an herbal tea but in reality the benefits have no empirical evidence to aide in conception. I wouldn’t bother wasting time on it just for conception purposes.


Its widely accepted that drinking tea or taking leaves of raspberry raspberry leaf tablets help induce labour.Raspberry tea leaves are rich in nutrients and contain many vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy pregnancy, including vitamins A, C, E and B, magnesium, calcium and iron.


I drank 2 cups a day up until the morning of my IUI. I am now :preg: so I can say that it worked for me. This was the only cycle that I drank the tea, too.

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