Rash/Hives in early pregnancy


I started breaking out in a rash or hives on my arms, close to my underarms 11dp5dt. I dont know what it could be. it seems to be spreading to my back and a few spots on my thighs. The dr said to use a thin layer of cortisone to see if it goes away, and it hasnt. I have not changed my medication or added anything for about 3 weeks before the rash started. has anyone experienced this? What was it? I have to go to a dermatologist if it doesnt go away. I am afraid its something that can affect the baby.


I had it last time I was pregnant and it went away on its own after few days. I just thought it was my body’s reaction to hormones. I,also got it after transfer, that day I tested and it was bfp.


Leksi- thanks for the response. I’m just worried bc I’m on day 5 of having it and its spreading. It looks like tiny bubbles and does not itch.