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I’m looking for a RE in the Orange County NY area for a couple that’s in their 40.

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You might give Live IVF in Irvine consideration for natural or mini-IVF.

I have been corresponding with a couple of women who have gone there and they have both had positive experiences.

The theory behind mini IVF is quality over quantity. So, the goal is 2-5 eggs per cycle. You push to blast and only two will be transferred at a time (no more than that). It’s based on the the protocol developed by the Kato Ladies Clinic in Japan. New Hope in NJ and Life in CA are the only two U. S. affiliates. There are no age restrictions. The dr feels that it’s up to the woman to decide when to stop if not successful.

I hope to cycle there next month and do three banking cycles.

Google to read posts on other forums.

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Orange County New York or Orange County California?

If its California consult with Newport Fertilty… Love love love Dr. Kan… I know several girls besides myself who went to him and got pregnant first try… hes a magic man :clap:


Orange County, NY


I would check out some of the clinics in NYC/NJ, I think some of the bigger/more well-known ones there might have more experience with patients in their 40s. If you’re willing to travel there’s always Cornell, too. If price is a concern the clinics here in Albany are probably less expensive but might not have as much experience with your age group (plus there’s only two, CNY and Albany IVF). I’d check out the stats for your age group on SART and see which clinics around you have the best rates (SART: IVF Success Rates). Good luck!