RE referrals for the Dallas area?


Hey ladies!

I love my OB but I wanted to know if anyone could tell me if they know of a good RE in the Dallas area. If my hubby’s SA results on Monday aren’t the best then my nurse says we will need to see a RE since they only treat female infertility. I’m sure my OB will suggest one but curious if any ladies on here are seeing one in my area.

THX in advance! :babydust: To everyone!!!


[QUOTE=ashley2]I am seeing Dr. Jerald Goldstein at Fertility Specialist of Texas. His office is great and he has been helpful to me so I am not wasting my time doing things that don’t work.

Hope this helps.
Fertility Specialists of Texas - IVF fertility treatment specialist, IVF In Vitro Fertilization Fertility Specialist in Dallas, Texas[/QUOTE]

Thanks Ashley! I’m still going to my OB since my hubby’s SA was normal but I’ll definitely check out the site just in case we need to do something more aggressive!