Re there any Mini or Micro IVF Success Stories!?


Hi all,

I’d love to hear any mini- or micro- IVF success stories out there!

DH and I thought long and hard about our choice to do a mini versus a full IVF, and ultimately decided because of my age and the significant cost savings that it was worth the gamble with a mini for our 1st IVF.

I’ve talked to a few other girls out there doing the same, and everyone would love to hear any success stories out there if you have 'em!

For those unfamilar with mini-IVF (or micro - it’s the same thing), it’s a less expensive version of IVF that involves lower dose meds and less monitoring, but with the expectation of fewer eggs. In theory it’s a quality versus quantity argument. It’s fairly new in the US, but popular in Japan.

Not all clinics offer mini-IVF and everyone is a good candidate - ideally you are under 35 and have no MF.

Otherwise, everything else is the same!

:babydust: Any thoughts/stories appreciated!:babydust:


Best wishes!

Mini-IVF success here…and with identical twins to boot. But that’s an oddity.

But we did one cycle, stimmed with clomid & follistim for about 8 days (my sig is very detailed), retrieved 4 eggs, all grew to 5 day blasts to be frozen and had one frozen transfer of one embryo. Took on the 1st try.

I highly recommend the miniIVF especially when there are little to no issues on the female side.

Good luck!


I am looking for success stories as well!
Congrats Stm2009!
My DH and I have also decided on Micro IVf. My RE recommended and thinks we are great candidates for this.
Darlee- I see you have started the process. What drugs are you taking? I have noticed and read some places use different injections. My clinic typically uses Clomid followed by FSh for 2 days. How are you doing?
Seems like I will be right behind you trying this. I have one more test when AF arrives, then we are set to start with the next cylcle. Please share your process.
Sending Baby Dust your way!!!:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m doing mini. My clinic had me on 150 of fsh and 75 of menopur, I got bumped up to 225 fsh for the last 3 days. Et was yesterday with 7 eggs retrieved, call today 5 fertilized normally. Transfer will be Tuesday. The fist clinic I used 5mg of femera and 4 days of menopur. 4 eggs retrieved 3 transferred bfn.


STM - congrats!! thanks for sharing!

Drose - My RE was going to use the short flare protcol, but changed me to long lupron at the last minute (said I had a bunch of follicles so wanted to supress more). So I was on 10IU of Lupron for about 12 days, then reduced to 5IU Lupron and started stimming with 150IU Bravelle. He just increased my dose to 225IU Bravelle and gave me a few extra days of stim time - so total stim time will be about 12 or 13 days. It’s looking like 12 follies growing, with about 6 expected to mature. The nurses told me you can sometimes see as many as 10 eggs from a mini for the “top” performers so I’ve been visualizing that number! Thx for the babydust!

Paulsgirl - Whoo-hoo for your great “mini” numbers! Thx for sharing and def keep us posted. Are you going to POAS?


Good luck ladies…

I should add that my clinic only does FET for miniIVF’s due to using Clomid. They say that clomid thins the lining. I should also say that I was part of a clinical trial, nothing experimental at all…it was to compare the success rates of mini vs conventional IVF as a general rule of IVF.
The mini IVF’ers had a 60%+ success rate and over 70% of those got there BFP on the 1st FET.

I don’t know how often other doctors look into FETs but from what I’ve seen within the members of the trial…FET is the way to go. It sucks to wait that extra month but it seems to be well worth the wait when I look at success rates.

Good luck ladies!!


I will poas starting Sunday. Gl to yall.


GL paulsgirl!

After a my 1st failed IVF because of how I responded I suggested Mini-IVF and thankfully my RE thinks that is a great choice. But I have been looking and it seems like its not good where there is male factor infertility!

Its pretty severe- 2.5 mil total with only 5% motility so only 120k ok sperm.

He just had a varicocele repair so hopefully at the least it will improve sperm quality. We only need 1:cross:

I am curious and am finding It pretty hard to find since clinic do them differently, but did you ladies go on bcp’s and for how long and did you do the transfers right away or wait for an FET. I know some did wait, I can see in the sigs, but just curious to try and plan timing.


Darlee, Paulsgirl- Good luck! Keep us posted!

kspaulding- does your RE suggest Micro? Im hoping we do it in April, if all goes well we should be, just trying to get everything done on our “checklist” first.


kspaulding- I just remembered that when there is a male factor infertility they recommend ICSI, where they inject the sperm directly into the egg. You should ask your RE about this.


Hi everyone!

stm2009- Congrats!

drose02- Goodluck

paulsgirl- Wishing you the best!

Darlee- aren’t you soooooooo excited! It’s getting closer! I go back to get US tomorrow, RE says Friday looks good for ER.
I was really nervous after getting us done yesterday because follicle on left side had shrunk some! Thought maybe I had ovulated & would have to cancel. Rt side had a mature follicle so I was happy about that. Labs came back and confirmed things were moving along just fine so if things have progressed the way they should…ER on Friday!!!


babyrowen- GL!!! You’re getting close! Keep us posted


Hi Ladies I’m new here… well sort of…

I’m also about to do Mini-IVF at CNY Fertility in NY. :dance:
I was wondering are there any success stores from Fresh Egg Transfer doing Mini-IVF.

Praying for all to get :bfp:and lots of :bsv::cheer:


Trigger tonight! :syringe:
University of Louisville game tomorrow! :basketball:
Egg Retrieval on Friday! :clap:

Wishing everyone the best! :bsv:


Here’s to your last shot BabyRowan! I triggered last night and go into R/E tomorrow AM!!:babydust: :babydust: Will post results!


Good lock baby rowen and darlee


[QUOTE=Darlee]Here’s to your last shot BabyRowan! I triggered last night and go into R/E tomorrow AM!!:babydust: :babydust: Will post results![/QUOTE]

Thx Darlee!
Good luck to you! Please do post when you feel up to it. :babydust:


[QUOTE=paulsgirl]Good lock baby rowen and darlee[/QUOTE]

Thanks so much! How did you feel after retrieval? I prepared myself to relax all day. How many embryos did you transfer?


I transferred 2 and I froze 3. I feel like pressure or something down there like er all over again. I did poas to see what the line looked like and it was faint, so I can’t wait until Sunday morning when I get off work.


Paulsgirl- that is great! Sending baby dust your way. Thinking of you

Babyrowen-Thinking of you today, Today was ER right?

Darlee- hope everything went okay yesterday! Keep us posted when you are ready.

We all need to be there to listen to each other!!

LCH- I am also in NY, if all goes well, we will be doing micro next month. NOt set on date yet, I am getting so anxious! I feel like time is standing still!!
Hopefully we will be doing this together and can talk each other through it.

It really helps to have this support!! Its so hard talking to friends and family who have No idea. I am sure you all experience similiar issues.
Well have a good weekend everyone. Sending positive thoughts everyones way!:slight_smile: