RE thinks I had a chemical pregnancy


Well here we are on 8dpiui (2nd iui)…wait wait wait let me back up and say that during the 2ww with the 1st iui I had cramps,bloating,gas, sore bb’s the whole 2ww,(AF showed up:grr: ) AF was a whole week late. RE thinks I had a chemical pregnancy.
okay now back to today 8dpiui (2nd iui) and i haven’t had any symptoms until yesterday. And the 2 symptoms i had was upset stomach in the morning and a weird sharp pain; all day. As of today my bb’s are sore; that’s all. I’m trying so hard not drive myself crazy. Is no symptoms a GOOD sign for a BFP. I know it’s early but curious. Oh and also anyone think the all day sharp pain might of been implantation???

:pray: Prayers Love & BabyDust:babydust:


Well, from everything I’ve read and everything my doc has told me, every cycle is just different. 8dpiui is pretty early for implantation, but not impossible. I’d just say, though, that the symptoms for trigger shots, AF, pregnancy, IUI, all that stuff is basically the same! You really won’t know until that test at the end, which is so hard to wait for, but plenty of women had no symptoms until the cycle where they got pregnant, or they had symptoms except the cycle they got pregnant, or they had some weird jumble of the two. I think the best advice is to always get your rest, drink plenty of water, try to focus on the times you feel positive, and try not to worry about the times you feel negative! It doesn’t help much with the wondering, though, and I’m not going to pretend it does. Best of luck on your 2ww and test! :cross: :cross: