Ready to start rd 1 Clomid... Any help appreciated!?!


I’m 31, been ttc for 16 months. Had HSG - clear… My husband is 37, his sperm tests were all great. Unexplained infertility - feeling very helpless!? We want babies very much… Follicular charting has been showing great #'s, and I ovulate normally, cycles range from 28-34 days, so I’m thinking this is where we are missing.

Starting Clomid 50 mg once I get my cycle… A bit nervous - seems like it works wonders so please pray for me! Side effects horrible, or not bad???
Hoping to start IUI next month if needed - recommendations? Ay of you had luck doing them together?

My follicle was 20 last month - my gyn was very pleased, although I’m not totally certain. Just what that means!?

Feeling pretty alone on this… My husband is amazing but we are new, and all of our friends so luckily get pg on their own fast… Discouraging :frowning: Any insight or advice would be much appreciated!

TY xo:wings: :wings: