Recommendations for IVF Doctor/Facility in NY under Empire Blue Cross?


Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have a recommendation for a reputable (hopefully excellent) Reproductive Endocronologist in the New York area who accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield? I also need to make sure the Facility/Hospital is considered in-network as well.

I have just learned the hard way that an RE can be in-network, BUT, the facility associated with the RE can be out of network leaving me to cover all IVF costs on my own 100%. I am currently with Corneill Weill and I love the care I get there, but they are considered out of network for BCBS and it would be so expensive for me to do IVF there. I am on my last cycle before my RE is recommending IVF, so unfortunately, I may have to switch physicians shortly.

If anyone can recommend a practice and RE in the NY area who you trust, that would be great. Thank you!! Good luck to all of you!!