Recommended Literature on IVF


DH and I are going to move on to IVF in the spring. During my time off from IF treatment I thought would educate myself on IVF. Do you have any books (or websites) that you would suggest- something that is accurate but not too mind-boggeling?


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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]go to and find infertility books. there are lots of good ones, iread 2 i liked which were the infertility survival handbook(really liked thisone)& the couples guide to invitro. u can get tehm cheap at amaxon if youchoose used ones…what i did… i would sell u mine what i paid but i wrotein bunches of them.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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I am the kind of person who likes to educate myself on subjects with books. I looked and looked for IVF books, and I was surprised that I did not find that many. The ones I did find were just OK and I would not recommend them. Sometimes the information was a bit outdated or didn’t correspond to what my clinic told me. I’m sorry this isn’t really helpful - I just want to let you know that if you don’t find anything good, you are not the only one!


Hi Amy, I’m with you! Moving to IVF in March it looks like, we have our consult with the RE tomorrow. I’m so nervous, are you as well?

I was at Barnes and Nobles last night looking for books, there’s a much better selection on Amazon. And be forewarned, they have them under the “diseases” section in the store, it was a complete punch in the gut to me when I found in that area, after looking in other obvious sections like pregnancy and health. But nope, right next to the cancer books was fertility. I also paid like triple the price I would have if I’d just ordered via Amazon.

Here are the two that I picked up, neither has too big of an IVF section, but its enough to get my feet wet. I don’t know about you, but its driving me mad not knowing what I’m about to face. Hopefully its all worth it in the end! Getting Pregnant: What Couples Need To Know Right Now: Niels H. Lauersen, Colette Bouchez: Books Fertility For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyles Paperback)): Jackie Meyers-Thompson, Sharon Perkins: Books

I also found this online today, paints a very clear picture.

SART: ART: Step-by-Step Guide


I really like this as a very accurate overview:

IVF Treatment - Understanding IVF Treatment Step By Step


Wishesforbaby- how did your consult go? I saw you on the IUI forum and read your thing about IVF books being in the disease section. That’s horrible! I also asked you a question on ther but I’m not sure you saw it-- when you told your RE that you wanted to do IVF did they have you come in for a consult? When I told my RE and expressed that I had questions/concerns they never suggested for me to come in. They simply talked to me on the phone for 10 or 15 minutes and that’s it. They have a really high success rate-73%- but the lack of support is really off-putting to me.


Hi Amy, Oh I’m so glad your checking in on me, because I need to process this with someone who understands! I just got back and let me tell ya, my knees are still shaking. I don’t know what it is about IVF that just has me freaked out! My DH is totally good with it, but I’m just trying to overcome the shock that this is really happening to ME.

Anyhow, my Dr. wanted to visit with me today to sort of regroup after the last 4 IUI’s, look over our stats, and then afterwards we decided that yes, IVF is a good next step to take. She walked us through how the process works, gave us our success rates, which I think was somewhere around 53%. She said I do have a lower ovarian reserve than she likes to see in a 30 yr old, so she’s going to put me on a more aggressive med protocol. I asked how many injections, and she said it’ll be 4 and day for 10 days, all small needles. And of course before that we have BC and she said to expect 3-4 u/s’s a week during the busy part of the cycle. She told me also that after we transfer the embryos back to my uterus, I’ll be a “couch princess” for two solid days. Fine by me, I want those babies to settle in and bake. And she suggested transferring back 2, no more no less. We’re fine with the twin idea, but here’s hoping for at least one baby!

The money part of the appt was overwhelming to walk through, but doable for us thankfully. But if this doesn’t work out…ugh we just won’t go there.

I don’t blame you for being concerned about not going in for a sit down consult, I suggest calling them back and asking to set it up. There’s A LOT of information, today we were there for three hours, and that’s not even the main sit down we have scheduled on Jan 2nd with the IVF coordinator that’ll take equally as long, we’ll also sit down again with the billing gal just to make sure we’re clear on everything.

Before the appt. they were telling us we’d have to wait for the March cycle, but she looked over the dates and said she’d fit us in at the end of January. I’m happy about that, waiting until March would have been so nerve wracking! When are you scheduled? I hope we get to go through this close to one another.