Recurrent chemical pregnancies?


Has anyone experienced recurrent chemical pregnancies? Is it still possible to have a full term pregnancy without any medical intervention?


I am sorry you are going through this.

If you are not doing infertility treatments and keep on having early miscarriages I would start by taking the following daily

prenatal vitamin with DHA
extra folic acid (more than you currently take in a prenatal)
baby aspirin

Have you had any immunology testing done? Blood clotting disorder testing? If you have any testing done being on a low dose steroid has been shown to help implantation.

Have you had an HSG done? This is where they use x-ray and put iodine in your uterus and fallopian tubes. They will check for a few things here. One to make sure they fallopian tubes are open but also that the fallopian tubes and not secreting any fluids that could be toxic to the emrbyo. They can also diagnose endo.

I hope some of this helps you.



Sounds like an immune thing to me, either autoimmune or alloimmune. You’d likely benefit from something simple such as lovenox/ heparin, prednisone and/ or intralipids. The blood thinner and steroid is easy to get from just an OB. You might need to see a RI for the intralipid evaluation.
There are many studies that show women with recurrent losses go on to have a successful pregnancy, however the stats go down with the number of concurrent losses. The more concurrent losses you have, the less likely the next pregnancy will continue without some type of medical intervention.


Thanks so much gals! I will discuss all the possible causes you mentioned with my doc! I decided to seek medical intervention before proceeding onto my third try!

Keeping fingers crossed!


I would just ask my OB for the steroids and blood thinners. If they insist on testing first, then your first step is asking for a recurrent pregnancy loss panel. If you’ve had 3 losses/ chemicals, it should be covered by insurance. Mine was covered after 2 losses. Based on what you find in the RPL panel, you might want some additional testing such as D-Q alpha/ HLA matching.


I just had my third loss right at the 5 week mark. I met with my RE yesterday and we are doing blood work for RPL Panel and Karotyping(sp?). He doen’t seem to think I have anyting else wrong but age. I am 41 and he may be right. But I don’t want to move on to DE and then miscarry again. So I am going to do these tests and try to get into another local Dr. He partners with my RE and clinic but is local to me and he seems to be more unconventional. He had already told me to up my vitamin D3 and cut gluten after my second loss. Now I admit I didnt cut gluten all the way. I will give it a try now. But I think it is something autoimmune. I have psoriatic arthritis and have had it since I was 18. Once you have one immune disorder you are more likely to develop others. My Rheumatologist thinks it’s immune related as well. So hoping the blood test shows us something. It’s hard to make the leap to DE when you don’t know why you are losing the pregnancies. I still am holding out hope for my own genetic baby. But either way I know I will love any baby with all my heart.