red raspberry leaf tea?


Anyone know about or used red raspberry leaf tea to improve their lining? I seem to be responding well to the Clomid/gonal-F, but it’s thinning my lining. I’ve heard red raspberry leaf can help? I’ve also heard about baby aspirin?


HI there,

Yes I have been drinking 2-3 cups a day of it, along with red clover tea. It is awesome. Make sure to get the tradionals Organic red raspberry leaf tea if you can.

Also google red clover and fertility( good stuff) nettle is another one.:cheer:


Ive read that you need to stop taking it after the IUI though. I would take it during the first two weeks and then stop at IUI and you can start taking it again after AF shows or you hit 35 weeks preggers! Its supposed to help to ease labor at that point.


Hi Eastcoastmama,

Funny, I was just posting about this stuff last night…see my thread under herbs and alternative treatments, it’s the latest thread in that section.

I think it definitely worked to improve my lining, so good luck to you!


THANK YOU! Great info! I will check out that other thread!!!