So ladies, I have a question… I do injectables of Repronex this cycle and it will be my first time doing injectables of any type. But my question is… what is Repronex? Is there another more common name for it, or is it just that I have never heard of this drug before? I read A LOT of infertility information and this isn’t something I remember reading about :frowning: any help would be appreciated! Thanks! :babydust: :babydust:


It is essentially the same as Menopur, which you see on the boards all of the time. Both are the same composition of FSH/LH…equal parts of both. The Menopur is slightly more “pure” (thus the name) and is better-tolerated, especially when given subcutaneously.

My doc prefers Repronex, though does require it to be injected IM (hip/butt…not tummy). I’ve taken the maximum amounts before with no issues with tolerability/stinging/etc.

Best of luck!


Okay! :slight_smile: Thanks. It’s my first time doing injectables so I’m a little nervous