Research Trial includes one IVF Cycle in NYC


I just found out that the center that I used for my treatment two years ago is participating in a research trial that includes one cycle of IVF, so I thought I’d post for those who can’t afford a cycle on their own but might qualify:

Fertility Medication Research Trial | NYU Fertility Center

After 2 natural IUI, 3 clomid and 1 injection IUIs and finally an IVF cycle, my son is now 15 months old. :slight_smile:


New Hope Fertility

I am currently participating in a free IVF study in New York at New Hope fertility :woohoo: ! The only problem is that I live in Texas and I have to do a one day turn-around trip ($800 plane ticket for myself and my husband :grr: ) and 3 weeks later stay in a hotel for a week (approx. $2000 with plane and hotel :grr: ). Hwever, the study is completely free qualifications: under 38yo, no previous IVF treatment.