Resolve tax law


We need all the help we can get paying for treatments. Resolve wants us to write to our congressmen so we can claim this on our taxes. Here is the link Infertility Tax Credit RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association


I’m glad to see this bill was introduced in the US House as well. When it was introduced in the Senate, I wrote both my senators asking them to co-sponsor the bill. I got letters back from both. One said they would carefully consider anything that comes before the full senate. The other said the same thing and added that the new health care law would prohibit discrimination of patients based on pre-existing conditions, including infertility. However, neither one signed on as a co-sponsor.
here are links to the bills for anyone who’d like more info:
S. 965: Family Act of 2011 (
H.R. 3522: Family Act of 2011 (

There was something similar introduced a year or two earlier with a lot more co-sponsors that wouldve mandated insurance companies to cover infertility treatment and I also sent letters to my representative and to both my senators then and got similar generic form-letter responses.

The bottom line is that we can’t be afraid to contact those who represent us and we can’t give up, even though it can seem like our efforts are fruitless.

I do find it very interesting, however, that this year and in the previous year, EVERY sponsor and co-sponsor has been a Democrat. With the Republicans always touting “family values,” I’m wondering why there isn’t ever any support from them.