Rest cycle longer cycle


Any of you who have had to “take a break” and rest a cycle for maybe a cyst or something of that nature…did your cycle last longer than on a medicated cycle? I had three cysts so I had to sit out this cycle. My last two medicated cycles, I’ve started my period on cycle day 22 or 23 and that’s even with taking progesterone. Today is day 25 and no Aunt Flo. My Dr. said that sometimes a rest cycle is very fertile. I’m trying NOT to get my hopes up and trying to tell myself that she’ll show up in the next few days. I don’t want to see another negative HPT. But I just thought I’d get some advice from you guys and your experiences. I may post this over on injectibles too, so sorry if you have to read it twice.


Hey there

I’ve never been in your position because we use donor sperm and absolutely can’t get pregnant on off cycles, but maybe you should just take an HPT!

I know it is extremely disappointing to get a BFN, but, then you’ll know and won’t have to keep wondering and driving yourself crazy!

Good luck, I hope it works out!


My cycles off meds vary, sometimes they are normal and sometimes they are not. I don’t think I ovulated this cycle so lord only knows when AF will show up. But if you had cysts it can def delay AF.
As far as being more fertile on ‘off cycles’ I so don’t believe that… Manly because its been 3 years and have never had a natural BFP ‘relaxing’. Not saying it can’t happen tho :slight_smile: