Results are in DH SA


Results are in DH SA:
2.5 Count
22% Motility
8% Morph

Appt. with RE this Sat. to discuss treatment plan-- from what I read it is suggested we would need IVF with ICSI. If anyone had similar results I would love to hear!!:cheer:((Reason for the count is due to a double hernia and an undescended teste as a baby.))


My DH’s best was 1.5 mil with 9% motility. We went straight to planning for ICSI. At least RE didn’t waste our money on IUI and other treatments that won’t work.


Ours was 20mil with 5%morph and I think 30% motility if I recall correctly. My husband also had hernia surgery as well as a vasectomy and a reversal. He had a good count, but we discovered 95% antisperm antibodies (which is 70% likely after any teste surgery). With these antibodies there was no way his sperm could penetrate cervical mucus much less the egg even if it made it there. We were told we could try IUI’s, but it was likely a waste of our money as the RE could not give us any odds for it.

We did IVF w/ICSI and got pregnant the first try.

Also, the clinic we went too was at Walter Reed and 80% of their IVF’s are done with ICSI as they believe that if male factor is present then ICSI is preferable since it is more likely to be successful.

Good Luck! :flower: