Retroverted Uterus


Hi … I do have a retroverted uterus and I have read that it is more challenging for the implantation… do u have any info regarding this matter??? we had failed our fresh IVF last month and not sure what our FET will turn out to be


I also have a tilted uterus. I was concerned and asked my Dr about it. He said it can be trickier to do the embryo transfer because placement is a little harder to get to, but other than that he didn’t have any concerns. He said that a tilted uterus is like being left handed, a little different and less common, but really not a big deal.

I’m curious if anyone else has experience with this?

Good luck with your FET!



Thanks for the reply… hope that it does not affect much…
And yeh,Any expeience to share is really appreciated,
Thanks in advance


I have a very retroverted uterus. I can tell you from my experience it affected very little with TTC. I got pregnant naturally twice within 6 months of trying (the second time it was the first month I’d used an OPK.) Also got pregnant with my first IUI, during which they had no problem threading in the cath. For my FET, they did have to switch catheters because they had problems with the first one, though they hadn’t had problems during the mock transfer. The transfer was successful, though.

It can be a very small inconvenience for monitoring in early pregnancy, since it takes a while for your uterus to tip forward with the baby weight. It’s harder to pick up the heartbeat with the Doppler bc your bladder is in front. I’ve also had them tilt the table so that I’m nearly upside down for some of the early ultrasounds, trying to get a good look. But no actual problems with conceiving or pregnancy. Good luck!!


I have a retroverted uterus too. The last embryo transfer my RE used the speculum to flip my uterus into a more straight position that made it easier to guide the catheter in.

I’ve had 2 chemical pregnancies and one pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage.

So it shouldn’t pose a challenge for getting pregnant - other factors are probably higher - like quality of embryos and lining/hormonal levels…

Good luck!


I have a retroverted uterus. I’ve had 5 kids conceived naturally and I’m 11 weeks pregnant from my first Ivf. It doesn’t play a major factor.


I’m retroverted too! I’d heard that for “natural” ttc, it can make it more challenging because the sperm have to swim around a corner, but with IUI and IVF that part of the process is bypassed. As long as your RE is experienced and does a mock transfer I wouldn’t think it’d be an issue.



I have a tilted uterus, my doctor didn’t even do a mock transfer, and I got pregnant on the first IVF. No one ever even mentioned the tilted uterus being anything to worry about. I agree with other posters that I think egg quality, transferring blastocysts, and having good uterine lining are much more important than the angle of the uterus! Good luck to you!!


Thanks for the reply

Thank u all for sharing yr experience, I got pregnant twice naturally but my RE said it became retroverted from previuos pregnancies and since I am failing my IVF, I was afraid that this could be a possible reason,