Returning to the Fertility Community


I started TTC in June 2011 and I did post a few times after the one year mark, but decided that maybe taking a step back from thinking about the infertility might help me to conceive so I stopped posting, charting, and everything else. We were still actively trying, but just not stressing out about it. I moved to a new location in May and started looking for infertility specialist in the area. I found one place that would take my insurance and we started all the testing to determine the cause of our infertility. Yesterday when I went in for the HSG, I was met by the financial coordinator and I was told that they actually DO NOT accept my insurance. Thankfully they decided to eat the costs and not charge me for the testing that we had already done. We know that my husband’s sperm count is just fine. In fact, it seems as if he is an overachiever according the the test results last month. I still haven’t gotten the results back from cycle day 2 blood work, but I should be getting them this week. Since I was not able to do the HSG it might be another month or two before I find out about my fallopian tubes. I did schedule an appointment with the local Medical University (who does take my insurance) to be a general gyn patient and for infertility diagnose and treatment. I know that I will be a high risk pregnancy due to my medical history, so that will also be covered by the Medical University and delivery will be to! Had I known that all of those services could be provided under one roof, I would have started there the day I moved here. Yesterday I felt so lost, but today I have new hope! :slight_smile: