Rice Cereal in bottles


When did you add rice cereal to your babys bottle? why? and any negative side effects?


I added it to my first son’s bottle at about 3 months because he was premature, born at 32wks, and was losing weight. I was actually told to do this by my pediatrician. The result was that he gained weight. He had no negative or long term results. He will be 20 in June.

My third son was born at 36wks and I was told to add cereal to his bottle because he was throwing up ALOT and they thought the cereal would help him hold it down better. It did work. This was also just shy of 3 months. He ended up in the hospital before this with blood in his throw up. They discovered he had severe acid reflux that had caused ulcer’s in his esophagus and stomach and put him on several meds in addition to the cereal in his bottle. He did better and started gaining weight. He did not have any long term or negative results either. At least none that we are aware of. He grew out of the reflux, but now does not drink milk and eats his cereal dry lol. He is now 13.

I breast fed them both until about 3 months when we started them on the cereal. Also, I have hypothyroidism which I didn’t know at the time and it dried my milk up at about 3 months with all three of my kids.

I am now pregnant with my fourth and not sure what they recommend these days as things change so much with what is recommended. Back when I had my boys they really did not recommend adding in solids too early since it could cause allergies, but in the cases above I was told to and would do it again with this one if the situation was similar and they didn’t give me a really good reason not to with studies to back it up.


My daughter is 3months old today. She gets 4oz ever 3-4hrs. She was 9lbs 8oz @ bitrth; 12lbs 13oz @2months, so she is probabyl 14ish pounds I assume.
She still gets fussy about 2 1/2 hrs after a bottle. So I tried to give her 5oz but must the times she spits some up.
So I am thinking she cant handle all that fluid but is still hungry with 4oz. So I wanted to try rice cereal, just with 1 bottle a day, and then max 2 a day.
I know it is empty calories, and I dont want to make her sleep thru thenight, cause she pretty much sleeps from 10-6.
I just wanna keep her happier throughout the day!


thx Ahhny!


The breatfeeding class I took suggested that solids should not be introduced until 6 months. The book I am reading is suggesting the same.


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I think my kids were both around 3 1/2 months when they were introduced to cereal. They had no ill side effects. Neither of my kids gained crazy amount of weight. They were both more plump from my breast milk.

My son did not like it at all though and my pediatrician suggested a very small amount of pear juice in it to add some flavor. Only way he took it. When he got a few months older I blended a banana in it to make it taste good.

My daughter had terrible acid reflux and just generally collicky. Between the drops and the cereal they were a lifesaver for me.

It’s hard to believe they are both almost taller than me now, lol.

I wouldn’t worry about what the books say (easier said than done, lol). Now if you were trying to have her eat McDonald’s french fries you might have issues, lol.

Glad to see you and DD are doing great- rach


Agreed my baby NEVER got cereal especially not in a bottle empty calories so unless the baby is under weight it’s no longer recommended. No solids until 6 months is recommended babies don’t even know how to eat from a spoon until at least 4 months. It won’t make your baby sleep longer. With my opinion being said whatever choice you make will be fine :slight_smile:


They just released “new” recommendations that no solids be introduced until 6 months, including cereals in the bottles, due to the immaturity of their digestive systems. I guess unless directed by a physician.

I never did any cereals at all - we did baby led weaning which was awesome, but doesn’t really apply to your current question! :slight_smile:


Rach, thanks! Long time no see! How are you?

I knew this was a heated debate after I googled a little bit. I am just looking for opinions and I know the ladies here will be honest and non judgemental!!


Mine is a little different. My DD would only BF. Even if I pumped, she wouldn’t take a bottle. We tried spoon feeding her the BM, but it took forever…her pediatrician recommended me giving her cereal at 2.5 months with BM to thicken it up a little. So I started her then…btw - she NEVER would take a bottle, and was drinking from a sippy cup at 4 months and she was eating 3 meals a day besides BM by then as well based on feedback from her pediatrician. I had to go back to work at 3.5 months and so she was eating baby food all day each day by then (except when I was with her as she would drink BM), and BTW she wouldn’t take BM in a sippy cup either! And she has always had a super high metabolism, at 21.5 months she doesn’t even weigh 25 lbs and she is over 3 feet tall and eats like a horse!

Just remember your her mom and you do what you think is best, they change the recommendations all the time based on new studies but you need to do what you think is best for your baby too. I know I had cereal at 1.5 months and I never developed food allergies, my SIL did what was recommended (6 months) and her kids have a ton of allergies (neither her or my Brother do) and her kids are SOOO picky. My DD eats everything we do and is not picky at all. But I did what I felt was best and she is just fine.

Good luck and don’t feel guitly whatever you decide to do with her! :grouphug:


The thing that every mother knows is that these recommendations change so often it can be hard to keep up. For many years the recommendation was 4 months and now it is 6 months. But the operative word is recommendation. I think you have to do what is best for your child in consulatation with his or her pediatrician. For me, we put cereal in his bottle for a short period at 4.5 months to put some weight on him before he had surgery the following month. After the surgery he went back to breast milk. I would not have given him the cereal but for that issue. If you want to add cereal just to do it, I would consut with the doctor. If you have a medical reason why you need to, I say do what you have to do. I have learned not to be so judgmental (unless of course people are abusing their kids) because you don’t always know why people have to do what they have to do. I hate when people act all holier than thou like they do everything right. So I am glad that you were able to get non-judgmental support here.


It is so hard to know what to do about these types of things! Sometimes your gut tells you one thing and the information out there tells you another. My little guy just turned 5 months and we are still just doing straight formula.

I can’t help but go “by the book” with them. I’m sure it would probably be fine, just always read that I shouldn’t do it…so I didn’t. I actually tried to introduce cereal to him at 4 months (on a spoon - this is when DS #1 started) but he was totally not ready. Doesn’t like it and doesn’t even seem to know how to eat it yet :). So I backed off and am waiting until he is six months to try again.

What I can say though is that I had both my boys drinking as many ounces as they could handle as early as they could, to help them be able to go longer in between. Both of them were drinking 8 ounces by about three months. My oldest was drinking 8 ounces at about 8 weeks old! But I think he was making up for lost time…I attempted to breastfeed him and he ended up losing over a pound. They both pretty much went four hours in between feedings (since about 2 months old).

But your little one can’t handle anymore at a time…I am not sure what the perfect solution is. :slight_smile: Good luck!


Babies can’t digest and absorb the nutrients from solid foods prior to 6 months. Additionally, there are new studies about the levels of arsenic in rice and I would be particularly wary of giving any to an infant. The same can be said for apple juice for future reference.

Arsenic in Your Food | Consumer Reports Investigation

Dr. Gary Ginsberg: What’s the Advice for Arsenic in Rice?


I never put rice cereal in a bottle.