Risk of Multiples


I may just be thinking about this too much but I’m confused about the risk of multiples. I know that there is always a small risk of multiples with infertility drugs. I also know that there is a greater risk of multiples with injectables than with clomid. My confusion comes with my options. I can either choose a protocol of clomid/gonalf/menopur and trigger or a protocol of higher dose gonal f and menopur and trigger. I’m afraid of multiples so maybe clomid is a better choice but I don’t want to decrease my chances of becoming pregnant at all so maybe only the injectables is best. I could use some advice from your experiences ladies. I’m having a really hard time making a decision.


Anytime you have multiple follies you run the risk of multiples. I got triplets a .05% chance of happening on clomid. If you are scared of multiples, then you might want to start with the lowest does and work up from there.


I understand your concern. Personally I would be happy with triplets, but I would be terrified just because I would worry about them all making it and long term health issues, but I feel like it would be such a blessing too. The problem is I started with the lowest dose of Clomid, had 3 folliciles and still didnt get pregnant. You just dont know, and so if you are going to do fertility treatment seems like you just have to accept that risk. My friend is like you and doesn’t want to risk it so she is doing natural IUI, basically IUI with nothing but a trigger. That way she knows there will only be one follie. Good luck! I know it can be stressful! At this point I’ll take as many as God will give me.


Thanks, it helps a little to know that I’m not the only one out there worried like this. Does anyone out there have any experiences with these combinations of drugs?


I completely understand how 1 baby would be ideal… but that is of course a down side of infertility, that more so then not you end up with multiples. I wish you so much luck! I just triggered with four mature follicles, my mother in law in beyond convinced I’m going to have triplets and my mom is convinced with twins! LOL Let’s hope this is one time that mother isn’t right! :slight_smile:


Good luck!!! I know twins or triplets would be work but I don’t have a problem with that. My concern is for their health and safety.


[QUOTE=TTCHope]Good luck!!! I know twins or triplets would be work but I don’t have a problem with that. My concern is for their health and safety.[/QUOTE]

Oh for sure :slight_smile: I would love to have twins, I’d kinda prefer it, but I’m so scared of the pregnancy risks. I already have extremely high blood pressure and am pre-diabetic, so I’m sure I’m going to have a hard pregnancy… so multiples will be so risky :frowning:


I worry about this too. I make way too many eggs on the gonal and have had two cycles canceled because of all the potential eggs. Have you talked to your doctor about a combo cycle of shots and clomid. It seems to be getting me the right number of eggs on the last two IUI’s.


I was on Gonal F, Clomid, and then had a trigger shot with an IUI. I think I had 3 mature follies. I ended up with one health bean and now she is 2. My SIL said everyone she knew who had been on clomid ended up with twins…well I broke that rule!

Good Luck!


Hi There-

I have actually heard the opposite…that there is a greater chance of multiples on Clomid then injectibles. If you are being monitored closely, then you should know how many mature follicles you have and then you can try and make a decision about whether or not to proceed with the risk. Here is my story: I had unexplained infertility and started off with Clomid. It didn’t work for me so I moved onto injectibles and got pregnant with DS on first cycle.

A year or so later, we went through an IVF freeze all cycle because my husband was getting ready to have a kidney transplant and we wanted to preserve our fertility. When we did our first FET we transferred two perfect hatching blasts and I got a BFN. On our second FET, we transferred two good blasts and one okay one…guess what happened? I got my BFP and I am having twins (but not fraternal twins)–I had the fluke of nature happen and one of my eggs divided to give me identicals! I guess what I am saying is that even when we think we know all the odds and the chances, sometimes nature just takes over and makes the decision for us. My identicals have nothing to do with fertility treatments…so go figure:)

Good Luck with your decision!



Clomid chances of twinning is 5-12%, .05% of triplets or more.

With injections there is a 30% chance of twins, 5% chance of triplets and a 1% chance of quads or more. Family Beginnings - Gonadotropin Therapy


Your chance of multiples goes up with the number of eggs released, so it doesn’t matter what you use to get there. That being said, I think you have more of a chance to grow more follicles on injectibles, and like missingmy#2 referenced, the doctors will tell you that you have a much higher chance of multiples on injectibles than on Clomid. However, both treatments you listed have injectibles in them, so your chances might be about the same either way. Also, as HeidiColorado pointed out, you may produce plenty of eggs and still get one or even none. I did two rounds of Clomid and two rounds of Menopur–I don’t remember how many eggs I released during the Clomid cycles, but I released six eggs during each Menopur cycle, resulting in 0 pregnancies the first time and 1 the second time! That’s without any other infertility problems besides the PCOS preventing ovulation. So go with whichever treatment appeals to you (you’ll also have to see which one ends up working better for you), and then pray for the best! That’s about all you can do anyway. Good luck! :babydust:


I was on injectible drugs (follistim) in October and ended up with 8 leading follicles at 15 mm each (and 12 other smaller growing follicles) when the doctor asked me to decide whether i want to take the HCG trigger that night or cancel the cycle. If i selected to trigger she advised me to do selective reduction if i got pregnant with 3 or more. Well i did not get pregnant.

A good RE will tell you when the time comes during your stim and you and your husband can decide then whether to trigger or cancel the cycle.