Anyone else heard that you should take Robitussin before ovulation to increase your chances? Should you take it if you are also taking Clomid and a trigger shot??


When we first started taking Clomid my OB/Gyn told me to take either Robitussin or Mucinex from day 5 to O to help with CM since Clomid tends to dry it up. I took Mucinex and it definitely helped.


take it mixed in a full glass of water

taste isn’t great I’m afraid! Your body can’t make mucus unless it’s got enough water.


I tried the Robitussin route for a couple of months. The first time, I had just got over a cold and decided to just keep taking it and see what happens. My cycle went all crazy that month (for other reasons I’m assuming) so didn’t work. Tried it again a couple of months later (when I did have a bad cold). Still didn’t work for me, so back to the RE I went (still waiting for results).