Rose oil, Rosemary and Lavender


Rose oil, Rosemary and Lavender are the essential oils that are said to have aphrodisiac and fertility-enhancing properties. Rose oil can reportedly enhance male sperm count. Rosemary may help reduce inflammation and stimulate blood flow to the female reproductive organs. Are there any others than are comparable or are these the ones with the most aphrodisiac and fertility-enhancing effects?


Thank u for that tip!


I had heard that licorice tea works.


Licorice tea is interesting. I wonder if that alone can be beneficial. A friend of mine recommended Conceptions tea. On the website for this product, it says that it has licorice root extract, which is supposed to be good for adrenal gland function and general hormonal balance. Other ingredients include red raspberry and ginger among 12 total herb/plant extracts.

With regards to the aromatherapy oils, specifically rose hip oil, my wife tried Aubrey Organics and said she appreciated the scent. She used it as a moisturizer but it can also be used as a massage oil. I don’t think it will be a miracle thing that will help us conceive, but anything that makes her feel better should be a good thing.