Rough day--our decision to move on


Well, it’s been 5 long years of struggle to try to have a bio child. Today we’ve made the decision to stop the fight and get my DH healthy. He is getting on Testosterone therapy and we will work through figuring out our next step (donor or waiting for science). I’m writing this to get if off my chest I suppose-- it’s so difficult to accept but I can’t let DH suffer forever. Life is so unfair. Hopefully someday we will have the happy family that I’ve always wanted-- I just don’t know how we’ll get there yet.
All my love and best wishes to everyone of you struggling with male factor infertility.


I’ve been through the same struggle, and had to give up as well. In the end, we decided that it’s a greater loss to waste all the love DH and I have offer and miss out of the experience of being a parent.
I just did a donor embryo cycle at Reprofit in Czech Republic. It was very cheap compared to the cost of donor IVF in the states. It was actually about the cost of a regular FET, including air fare. I ended up with a BFP, and although it’s early, I’m hoping this is the one. Please take time to regroup, and consider your options. Sometimes, the road goes in a different direction, but in the end it will take you to the same destination…


You’ve been through a difficult journey. Good luck with this new chapter in your lives. :grouphug:


Yes it is very tough for you. I think this kind of journey will never easy but I wish that you take the right decision. Best of luck.