Routines Followed Prior to Fertility Treatments


Hi Everyone!

I thought it might be nice to post some of the routines we follow prior to fertility treatments. I know I always look for something to give me a little edge. I think others probably do as well.

First: When I am about to start a cycle, I make a pre-pregnancy bucket list. I like to get myself in the mindset that the cycle will work, so I get a bunch of things done that I won’t be able to do once pregnant.

Second: I cut out the caffeine and sugar and anything else I don’t want my little one coming into contact with (again, I think this gives the mind set, plus there are theories about healthy eating and pregnancy, so why not increase the odds?)

Third: As the transfer gets near, I eat pineapple and drink pineapple juice. It might be a rumor, but pineapple is supposed to help the embies stick.

Fourth: Day before transfer I create my nesting area. I know there are differences in opinion on bed rest, but I have always done some (a day or two). I don’t even ride home sitting up, but laying in the back seat.

Fifth: I practice Reiki and general meditation focused on a healthy womb and child.



Me (32) - Unexplained egg issues
DH (41) - Perfect
2001-2003 - Laproscopy, Clomid 3w/3w/out IUI -
2003-2005 - 2 IVF :bfn:, 1FET :bfn: 1 FET - CP at 7 weeks. :grr:
2006-2008 - Lost my brother, frustrated with IVF - Stopped IVF, Started Acupuncture; trying to heal.
2008-2010 - Looked into adoption, found new RE. 2IVF - :bfn:, 1 FET - :bfp:, M/C
2010 - RE suggests Donor Embryos - :bfp:
March 24th 2011 - :welcome: Madison!
October 2012 - Consulted RE - After numerous conflicts w/staff and slow results, changed RE.
Feb 14 2013 - - Start Estrace
Feb 24 2013 - Check to make sure ovaries are suppressed - Good to Go!
March 5 2013 - Lining Check - All Good! Start Progesterone
March 11 2013 - Transferred 2 beautiful Blasts
March 17 2013 - HPT :bfp:
March 22 2013 - Beta :cross:


I followed your above mention post about eating the core over the 5 day period after transfer and unfortunately for me I didnt have success. But I have read of others who have.