Royal jelly and maca --> improved blood tests!


Hi everyone,
A friend of mine is in her 2nd round of IUI with clomid and femara. The only thing she’s changed this month was she started taking royal jelly and maca. And then increased tons of vitamins like D, unquinol, zinc, C, EPO, folic acid, iron and a baby aspirin.
I know, it’s a crazy number of stuff! I told her she has to discuss all this with her dr. Anyway, so yesterday she had her blood tests for CD11 and compared it to last month. And she saw a 150% increase in her estrogen as well as an increase in her progesterone (from 2 to 5). I know for a successful IUI couples want higher estrogen which is being produced by follicles. So maybe she’ll ovulate 2 eggs instead of 1 like last month. I’ll keep you posted, but I do want to say I was excited to hear about such an enormous improvement taking natural supplements!!! I wish I could try anything at this point (But unfortunately my case is egg donation as the only possible option.) Good luck to all and baby dust! XX