RPL and Testing


Hi ladies :slight_smile:

I’ve had two miscarriages in the past year and DH and I met with an RE last month. The RE ordered a bunch of tests for me and karyotyping (genetic testing) for both DH and I.

I had Day 3 blood tests for LH, FSH, estradiol, etc. I had a baseline ultrasound. Day 21 blood test for progesterone. Blood tests for thrombosis (blood clotting issues) and then also had a hysterosonogram where they found a polyp in my uterus. I need to wait until I see the RE to see if he recommends that I get it removed.

We got our karyotype results back two days ago and the nurse told us that both mine and DH’s came back normal.

What I am wondering… how big of a problem is this polyp? From what I am reading, they normally remove it if you have a hard time becoming pregnant. I seem to get pregnant, just can’t stay pregnant :frowning:

My periods are fairly regular (between 28-32days) and I ovulate on my own.

Could it really just be bad luck on why the 2 losses have happened? Could it be hormones? Could it be the polyp?

I’m so confused and scared and I still have 2 weeks to go until we meet with the RE to go over all our results. I just hope we get good news and we an overcome this. :pray:

Please help!


I would get the polyp removed. It’s hard to say if it is a problem, but most likely it is. It could grow too.
I also have had two back-to-back losses, and no real answers, other than MTHFR. I treated the MTHFR with heparin for my last pregnancy, and I still had a miscarriage. I’m going to add prednisone to cover all bases with this next FET. Some REs will treat you with medications like heparin or intralipids/ prednisone even if you don’t find something abnormal in your blood work, other’s do not. How they handle it depends on your RE. I would push to be aggressive. Who has money to waste on fertility treatments!


[SIZE=3]I am in agreement with Rachel, your RE will most likely refer you to get the polyp removed. I heard this can stop the embryo from implanting. Or in your case maybe it’s interfering with the growth of the baby? Hope your RE is able to give you some answers. Two weeks isn’t that far away, try to take it easy. Best wishes. [/SIZE]


Thank you for the replies ladies! Sorry for your losses too :grouphug:

The waiting is the worst. Our appt with the RE was scheduled in November but we didnt get to actually see him until January. And then I got sent for all the tests and need to wait until mid-March to hear the results and what his plan is.

If I get the polyp removed… how long until the surgery!? LOL I know I sound petty and whiny, but it sucks to go every month getting a positive opk and not being allowed to do anything about it! lol :grr:

Have any of you had a polyp removed? Is it a painful surgery?

I’m trying hard to stay away from Dr. Google… he can get scary!


[SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I completely understand the waiting game. Sometimes letting go and living your everyday life allows you to forget about the infertility struggles. This time I decided I wasn’t going to drive myself insane and use OPK’s. I’m letting time pass me by until our IVF protocol starts. Mid-March is only a few weeks away BUT then you’ll need to schedule your surgery which will be more waiting…My suggestion would be to relax and enjoy each day as it comes your way.[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I have not had a polyp removed although I have had lap surgery to remove my endo & right fallopian tube. Needless to say it was pretty painless and about a week of recovery. Don’t get me wrong I was sore but it wasn’t painful. I watched TV/Movies and relaxed. [/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Best wishes!! [/FONT][/SIZE]


I had a fairly large polyp removed before doing my last fertility treatment. It was just a day surgery and I was out of there within 6 hrs. They put ya under, so in there, get it out and their done! Relatively simple, I had some slight bleeding for a day or two, and that was it.
After I woke up from the surgery, my crotch felt like it was on fire, but that was only temporary and some Ibuprofen fixed me right up!!

I would wait at least 6-8 weeks after your polyps removed to do any treatments- just to make sure your uterus is all healed up nicely!

I was nervous about it at first, but it really was pretty routine. And the best part was… I had been having some heavy bleeding that I told my OB about a few times, so my insurance covered it because it was likely the cause of my heavy bleeding. Otherwise i wouldve had to Pay OOP to get it done and im sure that wouldnt have been very cheap. I think the total bill was about $7000.
Good luck- waiting stinks!!


Thanks for telling me about the surgery. Doesn’t sound too bad at all! I’m glad they put you under :stuck_out_tongue: I’m in Canada, so thankfully the surgery will be covered by our health care system. I dont have $7000 to spare to get this done.

I wouldnt want to be awake for surgery. The hysterosonogram was not too painful but it was definitely uncomfortable! Hopefully my RE will recommend to get the polyp removed – from what you ladies are saying, I want to get it taken out. I really wonder if its been the cause of my losses. I looked up symptoms for polyps – and I have none! No heavy periods, no bleeding between mid-cycle, no pain. Did you ladies all have symptoms or is it normal to be symptom free?


Ive actually had 2 taken out. 1 in 2005 before my first IVF- that one was very small, but my RE wanted it out. I had no symptoms at all. No bleeding between periods, nothing.
THen in 2011, I knew we wanted to TTC again via IF treatments, so I went to my OB and told her I was having heavier than normal periods (which I was) but that was the only symptom. She ordered an U/S and there was a big fibroid sitting in there! I had no other symptoms besides heavier bleeding and it really wasnt THAT heavy compared to what it could be.
I met with the surgeon, whom told me straight out that if i wanted to preserve my fertility completely, I should have the Surgical RE take it out because he didnt want to damage my lining in any way. So i went to the RE and he took it out in Jan. 2012.

yah, its nice that you are out for it. I dont like the thought of 10 different people pooking around near or in my crotch…id rather just not remember…which I dont!!

It would be totally awesome to have health care like that in the U.S. I know that’s highly debatable, but sounds like Canada is doing it alot better than we are here!!


LOL I agree! I dont want to be awake when there are people poking around my lady bits.

Did you have to wait long to get it taken out? I’m being told that my actual RE is the one who does the surgery so I’d need to have it scheduled for whenever he’ll be at the hospital. I hope it’s not too long of a wait.


hmmmm- im not sure exactly how long I waited, but it was less than a month I think. I didnt offically HAVE an RE at the time since it had been a few years since we had tried any IF treatments, so I had to make an appt with a new one first, discuss everything, and then schedule the surgery. But since it was a simple procedure i think it was pretty easy to schedule in. Good luck!


I just found out that I have a polyp, too, and my RE said it was my choice whether to take it out or not, but that he leaned towards having it removed. He said that it can cause problems with implantation and it can cause pregnancy loss, so if I didn’t want to have it removed, I would just be taking that chance. I have no intention of risking it, for a bunch of reasons. He said the surgery is pretty simple and the actual removal should only take 10-20 minutes, but of course there’s all the pre- and post-surgery time to also take into account. He said that it doesn’t go well for anybody involved if they try to do it without putting you under–I certainly wouldn’t want to try! My lap/hysteroscopy for unblocking my tubes a couple of years ago had a pretty smooth recovery, about three days, so I’m hoping it goes the same with this.


Thank you for your reply!

I think if I have the option, I’d get it removed too. I don’t meet with my RE until next week but I hope he suggests to take it out. If not, I may just ask if he can. I read some posts on forums from women who have had a polyp and went on to have a successful pregnancy… others who have had repeated losses. With already having a couple of losses myself, next time we TTC I’d like to know I did all that I could have to prepare to carry a baby to full-term, and that would mean… removing the polyp.

As much as I hate the idea of waiting, if we were to try again right away without having it removed, and then we go through another loss… I’ll always wonder “What if I had gotten it removed?”

I dont want to have that “what if”.

And we’ve waited this long… what’s a little more time, right? I’m trying to stay hopeful and trying to think that all things happen for a reason. Even though the waiting and wondering and googling is driving me batty lol!