RPL with DE? Drop in progesterone?



As I am writing this, the tears are streaming down my face because it looks like next week will be M/C number 3 for us.

A brief history:

Tried TTC when I was 38. Our second month of trying, we got a BFP on a POAS and m/c naturally before my OB would make an appointment to see us for an u/s. Not enough tissue to test for chromosomal abnormalities.

Two more years of trying naturally - nada.

Started with RE in January 2009. Two polyp removals, 4 rounds of IUI - nada.

December 2009, moved onto donor eggs / husband’s sperm.

DE Cycle 1 w/proven donor - Dec 2010: BFN (could have been due to polyps coming back - had them removed on New Year’s Eve, could have been ).

DE Cycle 2 w/new proven donor - March 2010 transferred 3 high-grade embies: BFP - Betas started to double, was taking 6 mg prednisone, aspirin, oral estrogen, progesterone 200 mg 3X/day vaginally, but then when progesterone dropped dangerously low around 5 weeks, started taking progesterone orally. M/C before they could see a HB - no tissue to test.

DE Cycle 3 w/new unproven 24yo donor who has 3 kids of her own - 17 excellent embies - transferred 2 - BFP and beautiful rising betas until 5 weeks - progesterone dropped dangerously low again - Dr. increased progesterone to add PIO shots. Today, we have a faint HB and it loooks like it’s going to end in another M/C. Hope there’s enough tissue to test this time. The doctor had me on a very agressive anti-immune protocol (baby aspirin, pepcid, prednisone, claratin), even though none of my tests prove I have a problem with this.

Yes, I could believe that maybe one or two of my pregnancies might have been due to chromosomally abnormal eggs - but all 3? Seems very unlikely to me.

All my blood tests have come back normal - so there’s no explanation other than my body doesn’t seem to be absorbing the progesterone. No one can tell me why.

Anyone else have a problem with not absorbing / producing progesterone? What caused it? What did you do?