Rubella: non immune? Vaccine


We had our screenings done and my rubella came back non-immune… The Dr office asked if I want to get vaccine… I am not sure if I should the vaccine or not.
I have about 6 weeks until my FET transfer. The RE said I have to wait 4 weeks after vaccine to get he transfer so I would be ok for that time frame.

Wondered what others did?


Hi! I had the same thing happen to me! I guess it can wear off. I called my regular dr, got the shot, simple and easy…although it really burned!!!


I’d get the vaccine, because getting rubella during pregnancy causes serious birth defects and at the worst, miscarriage. The chances of catching it in the US are very very low, but still, to me it’s worth getting the shot because the stakes are so high.


Just like buckeyegirl918, the same thing happen to me. They just gave me a booster shot and that was it. I think my first IUI was 6 weeks later.


I can’t agree with BackRow more - get it, get it, get it! I’m a pediatrician and have seen 2 or 3 babies with congenital rubella (obviously those are the ones that didn’t miscarry) and they had horrible problems because of it.